Compost Arrival

We had an order of free compost delivered this Thursday in time for the kids to start working it into the garden beds today and in the upcoming weeks. The compost that we use is made available from the SFUSD which keeps a heap available (as well as wood chip mulch) at The School of the Arts (SOTA) near Twin Peaks. According to the driver, the compost comes from Sunset Scavanger – a subset of Recology that collects the green bins each week in San Francisco.

When asked about what composting is during our 4th and 5th grade classes today, the consensus was that it was a process involving worms and that it’s food for plants. Both absolutely on target! Compost helps provide nutrients to the soil and is made from the decomposition or breakdown of things that were once living. With 7 buckets and shovels in hand, compost was transferred from the outer gate to the garden thanks to the labor of AFY students. Two garden beds down, twelve more to go!

For a reminder of what products you can place in your green bins visit the SF Residential Compost Program and to learn about the composting facilities by Recology visit theRecology Compost Store.

Materials are frequently unloaded under the pine trees.
Ms. Li’s 2nd grade class filling buckets with compost to bring into the garden.

Ms. Wong’s 4th grade class applying a layer of compost to the garden bed.

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