Scenes from Workday #2

We had another wonderful turnout of AFY parents and staff at our second workday of the new school year this past Saturday, August 27th. Our priorities for the day were to help Matt Freiberg, program manager at The Watershed Project, with constructing and installing the roof component as well as preparing the foundation for the future rainwater catchment system in the AFY Garden. At this moment in time we have the foundation filled with topsoil & gravel and the frame for the roof attached to the shed. The next phase is to have a concrete contractor come to lay the cement foundation before installing the water cistern on our next workday, which is currently scheduled for Saturday, October 2, 2011 starting at 10 am. We hope you can come out and see the project as it reaches the final stages.

Among the other tasks accomplished during the day were refilling the pond that had been cleaned, watering, weeding around the trees along 12th Avenue, and raking the garden beds. We couldn’t have accomplished all this without the willingness of our volunteers to dedicate a good part of their Saturday to lend a hand. We’d like to thank the parents who brought over their own equipment for the day and we’d especially like to thank Robert Ho and Nevin who stayed well beyond 4pm to assist Matt with the roof.

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