Water Cistern Workday 10/2/11

Our garden will be hosting another workday this upcoming Sunday, October 2, 2011 from 10 am to 1 pm. We are looking for parent volunteers primarily or older kids who can help with finishing the construction of the water cistern. Parents with construction backgrounds are also strongly encouraged to come.

We will be splitting up into teams. One to do the gutters and plumbing and another to build the box around the base of the cistern. The only tools we need are drills (Matt can bring one), a ladder or 2, a skil saw, and a jig saw.

Our cement foundation for the cistern was poured yesterday and it’s looking great!

If you can make it please print, fill out, and turn in the attached waiver here on Sunday to Matt.

For parents who’d like to bring the younger kids, watering the garden is another primary activity that would be fun for all as well. We have a few watering cans and rainmakers. Community service hours will also be available for middle schoolers. More instructions on community service hours to come.

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