Green Club Starts Up Again

Green club held its second meeting out in the garden this past Friday. It was another beautiful fall day and we ate the first pickings from the lettuces grown in the garden this year. Club members also shared some of their latest book recommendations that include: Life As We Know It by Susan Beth Pfeffer, Farm City by Novella Carpenter, and Plastic: A Toxic Love Story by Susan Freinkel.

This fall, green club is restarting the composting program at school in which only fruits and vegetables will be collected around campus and composted in our own 3-bin composter. Other goals for this year brainstormed by club members include:

  • Restoring the 3-bin composter in the garden.
  • Planting more edible plants and doing more maintenance work in the garden.
  • Restoring the sign out in the front of the garden gate.
  • Creating comment boards.
  • Creating mosaics for the lower garden.
  • Integrating more climbing plants.
  • Having cook outs.
  • Fieldtrips.
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