Salad Parties Fall ’11

During the days leading up to winter break all the classes in K-5 harvested the lettuce plants that have been growing throughout the Fall. That’s 384 students trying out our lettuce harvest. They picked out the outer leaves, washed them, and tossed them into the salad bowl. After making the lemon vinaigrette, each student picked out a piece of bread and a sample of salad to eat in the garden. Honey was a popular addition to the salad. Luckily lettuce is a cut-and-come-again crop, so we are looking forward to enjoying more lettuce throughout the school year.

The 4th graders also helped with cooking up a “Garlicky Sauteed Chard with Parmesan” during the first semester after they had been monitoring the growth of chard and kale plants in different micro-climates in the garden.

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