Red Worms Exploration

On a rainy Thursday afternoon, we brought part of the garden to the classrooms by talking about worm composting and exploring red worms. Jacqueline, a former AFY parent, brought a surprise to show the 1st graders this week. She came to all the 1st grade classrooms to show her own worm bin from home, which had worm eggs and baby worms in it. Jacqueline talked to the kids about worm life cycles and what worms eat as well as how worm composting works. We also took time to observe on our “Race Track” whether our red worms from our AFY worm composting bin prefer shade or light and if they could sense an apple. We shared “I wonder” statements. The kids wondered “if the worms will bite a hole into the apple, “if they will untangle from each other,” “why they go close to each other,” “how can you tell the head from the behind” and so forth. Mr. Leung’s class came up with ideas of placing the apple in the plastic cup and seeing if the worms could sense it and then placing the worm on top of the apple in the cup. It turned out that all our worms crawled from the top of the apple to the bottom where it is darker. We thank Jacqueline for sparking this day of worm investigation.

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One Response to Red Worms Exploration

  1. ryan johnson says:

    This is a thoughtfully written piece that gives me an idea of what my children are doing in school for about the first time. Thank you for taking the time to create this space.


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