Blueberry Taste Testers

On this rainy day, we spent the afternoon talking about Bay Area farm products based on a great curriculum from the Green Belt Alliance. The 3rd graders looked at different snack wrappers from recess and identified ingredients from farms. We then went on to taste one of the Bay Area farm products that’s almost in season – blueberries! We sampled, fresh, canned, and dried blueberries. During the taste test students wrote words that described the look, smell, taste, and texture in their mouth. “Slimy,” “wrinkly, “smells like gum,” “sweet,” “sugary,” and “explosion in my mouth!” were some of the descriptions from the day. At the end of class they ranked them and it turns out that fresh blueberries are the favorite amongst the majority of the students.

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One Response to Blueberry Taste Testers

  1. Sylvia says:

    I would agree with the third graders, nothing beat the taste of freshness.


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