All About Strawberries

Quotation of the day:
Ms. Fung: “What are some of your guesses for the number of seeds on a strawberry?”
Kindergarten Student: “Google Plus.”

It’s April and strawberries are in season. Today during our Kindergarten garden class we talked all about strawberries after reading part of the book called Harvest Year by Chris Peterson. Harvest Year goes through all the months and introduces readers to some of the farm products that are grown throughout the United States. For the month of April, it talked about the strawberries grown in California. After reading the book we talked about reading grocery labels for places of origin. The strawberries we sampled today were from Watsonville. Students then tried to guess what part of the plant the strawberry comes from. Some guesses included “branches,” “bushes,” “stem,”and  “near rocks.” We also guessed how many seeds there are on a strawberry. Lastly, came the exploration of the strawberry with the five senses. Below are some of the responses from the day. We ended the day with a brief tour around the garden of the red onions that are almost ready to harvest, a sniff of the lemon balm, and a look at the strawberry plants growing.

Smell: fresh, sweet, juicy, watermelon, candy, flower, like perfume.

Look: triangle, seedy, red, square, spotted, white, green, yellow, flower shape, skin color.

Touch: soft, bumpy, tickles, smooth, squishy, mushy, watery, cold, wet, like cloth, hard, thick.

Hear: crunchy, like a squeeze, cracking, munching.

Taste: sour, delicious, seedy, sugary, tasty, yummy, sweet.

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2 Responses to All About Strawberries

  1. Sylvia says:

    Excellent book choice. No wonder your class so popular !!


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