Less Rain Means More Watering

Ms. Lee’s 1st graders helped water the garden a few weeks back before the rainstorms came. The lack of rain throughout most of this school year, means a lot more watering duties for the garden coordinator and students. If you’re interested in volunteering to help water our garden on weekends, during spring break, or over summer vacation, please contact us at afygardenblog@gmail.com and we’ll give you further information. Waterer’s and volunteers are greatly needed and appreciated. Please included “Garden Watering” in your subject line if you wish to volunteer for that specific task.

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One Response to Less Rain Means More Watering

  1. Sylvia says:

    You would think with all that rain watering will not be needed for awhile BUT the warm weather just dry up things so fast. I water every few day at the least (soaking early in the day is best approach.)
    That’s nice to see kids enjoy taking care of garden.


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