Green Club Fieldtrip!

After a full school year of dedicated attendance and participation in Green Club, we spent the day exploring beyond our garden fences. The Green Club went on a day tour by foot and via bus from the Sunset all the way to the Embarcadero. Our first stop was to Hayes Valley Farm where our members were given a tour and a brief history of the urban garden project. Members explored the seed library and brought seeds back to plant in our school garden and homes. We also helped transplant seedlings to larger containers from the fresh compost that had been sifted by other volunteers during the day. After a good time on the farm, we had to continue on to keep up with our schedule. We left by 2pm and walked down Hayes street. We made a quick detour to Miette – since there was a rumor of a candy store along the route. With a little snack for the road, we walked to the Civic Center Farmers Market to see the fresh produce brought out by local farmers. Next snack of choice was samosas at the farmers market with mango and chutney sauce. With a somewhat satiated appetitie, we made our way to our last stop – The Ferry Building, where we looked at all the local artisanal goods. Honey sticks and gelato were bought and we enjoyed a batch of fries outdoors before taking the N-Judah home. Overall, a sunny day out in the City moving from farm, to the farmers that grow our food, to the markets that sell what’s produced in farms around the Bay Area. Our taste buds are truly lucky to be in San Francisco.

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