All About Chickens

Quotation of the Day
Ms. Fung: “What part of the chicken do we eat?”
Student: “Their feet!”

Kindergarteners had a chance to learn and ask all the questions they had about chickens last week. Thanks to Sylvia Fung for transporting her hen all the way from her garden in Palo Alto, we were able to have a little show and tell on a sunny San Francisco afternoon. The students had the chance to learn about the life cycle of chickens and their benefits on a garden/farm. During class they also had a chance to see the eggs that Mrs. Fung’s and Mrs. Chiu’s hens laid and to compare their differences in color and size.

Of course learning about chickens wouldn’t be complete without some tasting. While looking at the eggs, students  sampled egg salad on crackers mixed with Kale and Spinach cuttings from the AFY Garden. However, the highlight of the day was probably answering the big question from most of the students – “Do chickens fly?” With a toss of our hen, we demonstrated that chickens do fly, but only about 4 feet at the highest and not high up in the sky like other birds.

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One Response to All About Chickens

  1. Sylvia Fung says:

    Great job in presenting the chicken and its abilities.
    The hen enjoyed all the attention and social time.


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