3rd Graders Work in the Garden

If there’s one thing I learned this year in the garden, it’s that students enjoy getting straight to work and doing various garden tasks. This past Tuesday, our 3rd graders rotated and worked in teams to practice important gardening duties. Team #1 started first with compost duties. Composting involved turning the compost in bin number one, then sifting the compost from bin number two to get our final product – fresh, dirt-like compost! Some of them then applied it back to our garden beds. Team #2 worked on weeding as much miners lettuce, fire weed, dandelion, and oxalis out of the beds and on the sides. Team #3 worked on trimming dead or diseased looking leaves out of the garden beds. Lastly, Team #4 worked on raking all of the dead oak leaves and piling them near the 3-bin composter to be layered on to the compost when needed.

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1 Response to 3rd Graders Work in the Garden

  1. Sylvia says:

    We teach and we learn and then teach……some more.

    Looks like your garden helpers are very happy troopers.


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