Rainwater Cistern In Action

It’s been a few months since the inauguration of our new rainwater catchment system, which The Watershed Project helped us to build. Finally, after a few weeks of well-needed rain this past March and April, we have a barrel that’s about 2/3 full. Our students, including our kindergarteners today, have been using the rainwater and watering cans to water our garden this Spring. Creative play also happens during watering time. A few kinders were pretending that they were “putting out fires!” It has been a great educational tool in the garden to teach students about water conservation and recycling water. Here are some photos from today’s watering as well as from our ribbon cutting ceremony in the Fall.

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5 Responses to Rainwater Cistern In Action

  1. This is wonderful! We also have a system, and I find that students are more aware of the amount of rain we receive—they run up to me on the playground after a storm and want to know what the catch was! (They can also read the gauge themselves.)


    • afygarden says:

      That is great! Does your rain gauge tell how much water is in the cistern or is it one of those that simply catches rain itself? It would be neat to have some visual of how much rain is in the barrel from the outside of the barrel. For ours there is a whole at the top and you peer inside to see how full it is.


  2. Jessica says:

    I love it! A great way to learn about the importance of water, sustainability all while fulfilling a gardening task! At gateway greening, we’ll be working on summer maintenance videos soon for school gardening teachers; watering will surely be a topic, and this post has really proven that it can be a fun maintenance activity!


    • afygarden says:

      Yes, it has been a great and tangible learning tool! Kids enjoy maintenance tasks as well because it lets them explore the garden in detail at the same time.


  3. Matthew Freiberg says:

    This is so great to see the project a few months down the line! Patty, I am no longer with The Watershed Project, but please keep me updated on the happenings at AFY.


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