Welcome to the 2012-2013 Garden Season

Thank you to all the families who volunteered to water over the summer. The new school year is back in full swing, and we have much work to put into the garden each year as we bring it back to full life after taking the annual summer hiatus. Coming back from summer break is a great time for seed collecting as most plants have turned to seed and dried out over summer. We will be seed saving and preparing the beds during the first few weeks of school for a new batch of seedlings. Here are two current photos as of the first week of school. Watch the garden transform by following us on this blog throughout the school year. You can sign up on this webpage to follow and receive e-mails of new posts.

The AFY garden seeks volunteers. Come help out during classes or participate in some volunteer garden work. Sign up and stay informed with opportunities by emailing Ms. Fung at afygardenblog@gmail.com.

The garden also has its own bulletin board space on the 2nd floor main entrance way to the office. Check it out for printed photos taken throughout the year, newsletters, resources, and garden related information. You can also find a digitized copy of our garden schedule on this website under “Resources.”

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2 Responses to Welcome to the 2012-2013 Garden Season

  1. I look forward to hearing your stories this year! We also are going to start seedsaving this week. Where do you buy your envelopes to put the seed?


    • afygarden says:

      Yes, and we look forward to more glimpses of your program. We buy small coin envelopes at Office Max or an Office Depot. You can also fold your own envelopes out of paper similar to how you would fold a pot out of paper. A fun origami lesson!


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