Baker’s Clay Garden Magnets

Ilona’s Magnetic Garden magnets are a new find for the AFY garden this year after discovering her work at the Treasure Island Flea Market this past weekend. They are working great on our garden whiteboards. Ilona’s magnets are all non-toxic. They’re made from a simple baker’s clay that you can find instructions for online. It is basically a water, flour, and salt mixture. This would be a great garden project for both rainy and sunny days. As she suggested, you can have kids make the sculpture in class and take it home to dry and bake. Once it’s baked you can water color it with a non-toxic material and add a layer of mod podge for a shiny coat. (A variety of new garden magnets by Ilona for our classroom. Photos by Patricia Fung)

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2 Responses to Baker’s Clay Garden Magnets

  1. Super cute! I’d love to see the white boards too. Is it dry erase? How do you keep it dry in weather?


    • afygarden says:

      Yup we have dry erase boards. It’s fairly weather resistant and just stays out in the rain. It has a metal backing. We have a large outdoor white board and seating area in the garden and several cabinets in the lower outdoor classroom with large white boards behind the cabinet doors. Though eventually individual child size white boards for each student to write responses on would also be neat. I use the magnets as decoration and to hold worksheets or posters up on the white boards when needed. (Here is a photo for you to see what our outdoor white board looks like:


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