Alphabet Hike in the Garden

A few weeks ago we did the Alphabet Hike activity in the garden thanks to a great lesson by Marie Sayles who is the garden coordinator over at Sunset Elementary School (click here to download the lesson). The 1st graders had a great time searching for letters of the alphabet and some even wanted to finish it for the next few classes. Here are some findings from the day. It took us about two class periods to get most of the alphabet. Lots of creative thinking and searching involved to find the tough letters at the end of the alphabet. This is also a great lesson to send students to complete independently while you are working on a task with a smaller group. Lastly, you can also see how the alphabet hike turned out at Julian Elementary School in Southern California. They have a great garden blog as well, which we have been following (click here to see Julian Elementary’s Alphabet Hike Day).


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