Andronico’s Pumpkin Donation

Throughout the month of October we have been coordinating with Andronico’s Community Market to help make a donation of over 150 pumpkins for our garden’s annual pumpkin patch. Andronico’s has continued to help us each year to make it possible for our students to take home a pumpkin each year from the garden. We’d like to thank Andronico’s staff members Anthony and Chuck, the produce manager, who helped us coordinate and load the pumpkins today.

Also a big thank you to parent volunteers, Raelynn and Walden for donating their time and car to picking up pumpkins today as well as to the parents with their students who met us at the garden to help unload. Luckily it has begun to dry out and the pumpkins will go home with the Kindergarteners and 1st graders who will pick them up starting tomorrow.

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One Response to Andronico’s Pumpkin Donation

  1. Ryan Johnson says:

    That’s a lot o’ pumpkins. Thanks for all the effort!!


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