CA Native Planting on Hillside

On Sunday, November 4th, we spent the afternoon kicking off our first plantings on the new green schoolyard hillside. We received great news last Spring that we were accepted by Lowe’s for their $5000 grant for school gardens. With this money we are purchasing California native plants to plant on our hillside and middle school seating area.

We thank Richard and Sarah (our architect and landscape architect) who joined us and showed us how to plant our trees and native plants. We also thank the parent volunteers for coming out with their kids, Jay our Garden For the Environment volunteer, as well as Green Committee Co-Chair, Jade Moy, for all her hard work in ordering the plants and organizing the work day. With all the hands available we were able to plant most of the hillside. However, as of this Wednesday we finished the whole hillside except for a few more trees, which are coming soon! If you’d like to help with landscaping the front of the school please contact the garden coordinator at

After Work Day Photograph By Sarah Richards

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4 Responses to CA Native Planting on Hillside

  1. So cool! We are hoping to do something similar at our junior high garden. It will probably have to be in phases. I’d be curious to see a plant list, or to know how you identified your landscape person. Great job!


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