Seed Sprouters

With the few extra pumpkins donated from Andronico’s Community Market, our 4th graders made seed sprouters to bring back to their classrooms. They have been watching them grow and recording on their worksheets how pumpkin seeds sprout over time.

Materials (to make one sprouter)

  • 1 Plastic Cup (Taller cups give more support for stems later on)
  • 2 paper towels
  • 4 cotton balls
  • Seeds (About 4 per cup. The larger they are, the easier it is to see.)
  • Water


  • Crumple up the first paper ball and place on bottom of cup.
  • Place the second paper towel on top like you would with filter paper while making coffee (creating a pouch for the cotton balls).
  • Place about 4 cotton balls on top of the second paper towel.
  • Fold the paper towel into the cup. Do not compress all the materials.
  • Sprinkle water into the cup to provide moisture. Turn cup over if needed to empty out any extra water.
  • Place seeds evenly on the side of the cup and the paper towels. (If you are taking fresh seeds be sure to rinse them beforehand).
  • Have students put a sticker with their student # under their seed so they can record how their seed will grow.
  • Monitor moisture levels weekly to see if more water needs to be added.

Pumpkin Seed Sprouter Day 1

Pumpkin Seed Sprouter Day 21

Instructional Video via YouTube


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