1st Salad Tasting with Kinders

Throughout this past week and for next week all our K-5 students will be harvesting their veggies from our garden in celebration of their hard work during garden time. Here are some snap shots from Wednesday’s salad party with the kindergarten classes. This was their first time harvesting and tasting lettuce from the AFY Garden. They each harvested 3-4 pieces of lettuce, rinsed it, and tore them up into pieces. We dressed it with some honey and lite honey mustard dressing from Newman’s Own, tossed it, and ate it with a piece of rosemary focaccia from Andronico’s. Thank you to parent volunteer, Winnie, for helping us out with all three kinder classes. We will post more photos throughout the next few weeks from the other grade levels.

Kinders Eating Together in the GardenSalad Tasting All Done Eating Kinders Having Salad by the Picnic TableAlmost Done with the Salad Rosmery Bread and Salad Kinders Eating Salad in the Garden Kinder Salad Party

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3 Responses to 1st Salad Tasting with Kinders

  1. I love the simplicity of this—just three leaves each!


  2. Sylvia says:

    That’s so great to see kid like their greens. This is more than just building garden, it is building green eating troopers.


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