FUF Tree Planting Day

Last Wednesday, Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) volunteers, Jay Higa our GFE intern, Sarah Richards our landscape architect, and AFY parent volunteers helped to plant all of the trees in our new green schoolyard spaces on the hillside and middle school area. Garden committee co-chair, Jade Moy, organized the day’s events and made the planting day possible through all her coordination efforts. Derek Emmons from FUF led the tree planting and also brought a variety of goodies for our garden including ginger, loquat trees, mint cuttings, lemon grass cuttings, and much more. The crew of volunteers started early in the morning and it was a wrap by noon. We thank Jay Higa, Sarah Richards, Derek Emmons, Donald Emmons, Jen Robison, and AFY parent volunteers Robert Ho, Walden T., Jennifer Louie, Raelynn Hickey, and Jade Moy for dedicating their morning towards greening our schoolyard.

New FUF Trees on the Hillside

Final trees on the hillside.

Pounding in the Poles

Photograph by Sarah Richards // Landscape Architect

Photograph by Sarah Richards // Landscape Architect

The Garden Gets A New Loquat Tree

Our new loquat tree in the garden donated by Derek Emmons.

Planting A Tree in the Middle School Waiting Area

Prepping the Ceanothous FUF Volunteers

Jay Applying the FUF Stickers

Our GFE intern, Jay, laying down the FUF stickers.

FUF Sign

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One Response to FUF Tree Planting Day

  1. Raelynn Hickey says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! I had a wonderful time! It was a great to learn hands-on about planting and to be part of the greening of the school. It will be neat to watch it all grow and fill in thru the years. I enjoyed it so much that Johnny & I joined Walden Tiu at the FUF tree planting event the following Saturday in Visitation Valley. It was a great time too!


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