Plant Parts with Kindergarteners

What better way to start of a new semester than with the first post of 2013. I’ve been wanting to share the amazing work by our kinders. They have wowed us with their sketching and art skills. Before winter break started, we introduced the kindergarteners to plant parts (roots, stem, leaf, flower) and the basics of each parts’ jobs. We then had them work on their sketching and observation skills by choosing one plant in the garden to draw and label. Here are some samples from their worksheets. Can you guess the plant before scrolling to find the answer below? Enjoy!

PlantPartsAloe(K)Plant: AloePlantPartsBroccoli(K)Plant: Broccoli (With Straw Mulch Included in Observation)PlantPartsCoralBellLeaf(K)Plant: Coral Bell Leaf
PlantPartsPineappleSage(K)Plant: Pineapple Sage

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One Response to Plant Parts with Kindergarteners

  1. Ryan Johnson says:

    Thanks for continuing to share the happenings of the garden.



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