Radish Harvest & Taste Test

Our 3rd graders harvested their radishes this past Tuesday. They planted them in the Fall and made predictions about what part of the radish plant they eat and what it will taste like. This week they discovered that radishes can taste quite spicy! With a partner they shared a radish to harvest, clean, and taste. Here are some photos from the day.

Rinsed RadishFound A Radish Small Radish Radish Plant Radish Tasting Radish Harvesting Radish Partners Radishes Taste Spicy Prepping RadishesAlmost Ready to Eat Radish Ready to Sample

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4 Responses to Radish Harvest & Taste Test

  1. Deborah says:

    Have you tried radishes with sweet butter and Maldon sea salt? Yum!


    • afygarden says:

      No we have not, simply in its raw state. Would you be able to share preparation instructions? We’ll have to sow some more seeds and try that recipe out! Sounds like a quick way to make a simple radish dish.


  2. I’d love that recipe too! What type of knives do you use with the kids for food prep?


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