Garden Ecosystem Yarn Activity

Our 4th graders today worked on understanding that ecosystems are made up of interconnections between living and non-living parts. We started off with everyone going up to the garden to take mental pictures for 5 minutes then we gathered into a circle to pair share and group share what they found. We then used yarn to recreate the complexity of our garden ecosystem by having students tell one thing they noticed and if it is living or non-living. Once they shared they received a piece of tape with the name of the object they shared and passed the yarn ball to a student of their choice (making sure to keep tension on the yarn). By the end of class we had a complicated web in front of us. By tugging on parts of the web, students observed that others are affected as well and that they are interconnected with each other. We got this fun lesson from Hidden Villa curriculum and you can download it here as well to try it in your garden class (download this curriculum here). Some helpful tips are to remind students that only the person with the yarn ball should be talking. To clean-up I rolled the yarn up and students were excused as it was collected in order to prevent all the yarn from getting tangled.
Ms. Wong's Class Ecosystem WebMental Picture of Pineapple Sage

Mental Picture Cameras

Taking Mental Pictures in the Garden4th Grade Living and Non-Living Garden BrainstormMs. Lee's Class Ecosystem Web

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