1st Grade Pumpkin Estimations

We have some photos and lessons from Fall Quarter of this school year that haven’t been shared yet. We had pumpkin craze up in the garden during our annual pumpkin patch. We shared stories of setting up pumpkins and carving pumpkins, but we left out a few more activities. With our 1st graders we did some pumpkin estimations and math with some of the left overs after the pumpkin patch. 1st graders used linker cubes to guess length and height before actually measuring the real lengths. The also guessed their pumpkin’s weight and if it will sink or float before testing their hypotheses. Predictions and results were recorded on a pre-made worksheet that was taped into each garden journal. Here are some photos from the day. We’ll be posting our kindergarten pumpkin patch photos next!

Measuring Pumpkins with Linker Cubes

Measuring Height With Linker Cubes

Sink or Float Pumpkin Test

Working On Math in the Garden

Our Class Results for Pumpkin Measurements

Class Predictions in Green Followed by Results in Red

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