Volunteer Highlight: Garden Class Parent Helpers

We are so lucky this year to go from zero parent teacher assistants last year during garden class time to five this year! The students and I appreciate all the parents who have come consistently during our class time this year. Teacher assistants and interns are a tremendous benefit when working in an outdoor classroom with 22+ students and back-to-back classes. They help with setting up the lesson materials, assisting students with their garden work and questions, helping with cooking parties, and helping with clean-up and garden maintenance to list a few. I’d like to highlight the class time volunteer efforts from the following parents: Walden (1st grade parent), Winnie (K Parent), Srey (K Parent), Raelynn (1st Parent) and Jennifer (1st/2nd Grade Parent). These are simply a few of the many parents involved in our garden program and we are grateful for them all!

Winnie and SreyVolunteersJennifer Helping with Cooking

Raelynn and Walden Volunteering in 1st Grade Garden

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2 Responses to Volunteer Highlight: Garden Class Parent Helpers

  1. Ryan says:

    Increasingly, it takes a village… We are grateful for these parents’ help.


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