YSP Grandview Park Field Trip

This April our 3rd graders are again embarking on the Youth Stewardship Program field trip this year. But before we highlight some of this year’s activities, let’s flashback to last year where we went on the program for the first time. Last year our 3rd graders walked up to Grandview Park to learn about native plants and San Francisco’s historical landscape. After their lesson, the students completed the service-learning component of the trip where they helped to remove the non-native, invasive ice plant. At the end of the day we took a scenic walk back to AFY by going up and down the beautifully tiled Moraga Hill Garden Steps. A big thank you to David, who is an alumni from AFY, for reaching out to us to join the YSP trips. News from this year’s trips that are taking place on Whiskey Hill in Golden Gate Park will be posted soon.

Historic San Francisco Map ActivityNative Plant IdentificationMiles Teaching About Native PlantsGarden Gloves OnIce Plant TrophyIce Plant PullingView from the TopEffects of Tasting Ice PlantWalking to Moraga Staircase GardenMr. Tom's Class Moraga Hill 2012Ms. Zhao's Class 2012 Moraga Hill

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