Earth Day Driftwood Wands

For Earth Day today, we did a nature craft activity with 2nd graders using driftwood. On the weekend I collected driftwood at the beach for our 2nd graders to decorate and turn into Earth Day wands that had the power to help take care of the Earth. For this simple craft you just need the following: driftwood or twigs for your class size, acrylic paints, paint brushes, a bucket of water for hand rinsing/cleaning any brushes that fall on the dirt, and newspaper to line your painting area. Students chose a wand at random from the wand box (or as we called it “the wand chooses you”), and they were told to make up their wand’s story as they painted. As a tip, I had our students only use one paint brush for one color as opposed to washing paint brushes every time they wanted a new color. This helped to save paint and time. Some wand powers that our students shared during our closing circle were: “it makes plants grow,” “you point to the soil and a new tree grows, “it turns cars into bicycles,” “it removes air pollution,” and “it helps my mom do chores” to list just a few.

Wand In MakingDecorating WandsDriftwood Wand BoxWands Waiting to DryMs. Fung's Earth Day WandOutdoor Art StationRoom 201s Wands

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3 Responses to Earth Day Driftwood Wands

  1. Deborah says:

    What a magical day in the garden!


  2. Sophie Wallace says:

    That’s awesome Patty!

    Sophie Wallace Cell: 415.577.7278



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