Cooking the Common Core @ AFY

It was a pleasure for our school garden program to help host the Cooking the Common Core Workshop at AFY on Saturday, April 27th. A group of 15 teachers and garden coordinators spent their Saturday learning from Joyce Lin-Conrad (from Education Outside) and Rosie Branson Gill (from 18 Reasons) about integrating the new common core curriculum with classroom cooking lessons. During the workshop we learned about classroom management strategies when it comes to cooking with 22-30 students at a time and with students in different grade levels. We also learned two new recipes and lessons that go along with them: 1) Brassica Fried Rice and 2) Chard Tabbouleh Wraps/Raps. It was a great opportunity to walk through each lesson and to cook with our garden veggies throughout the workshop. We look forward to testing out our new recipes and equipment with our students. Each participating school received a cooking kit with many of the colorful materials that you see here in the photos below. Click on the photos for a larger version and captions. Testing the Knives in Our Garden KitCooking the Common Core at AFYPrepping Garden Brassicas For Fried RicePrepping Broccoli Fried RiceOur Finished Brassica Fried RiceCCC IntroductionsHerb HarvestingHarvesting Chard for the Tabbouleh WrapsMs. Lee Out at the CCC WorkshopDressing MakingFinished TabboulehChard BlanchingBlanched Chard Ready to RollSpooning the TabboulehFinished Chard Tabbouleh Wrapped with ChiveOur Chard Tabbouleh Rap that workshop participants created while eating our meal:

“A roll full of herb,
whose taste is superb.
I might just send a tweet,
Because the wrap is so sweet.
The taste that’s so zesty,
makes it better than the resty,
wanna share it with my besty.
So blanch up some chardy,
let’s start up the party!”

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One Response to Cooking the Common Core @ AFY

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    Just wanna congratulate you for the success of this event. Hope you all had fun. We enjoyed your photos. Greetings from us here in Finger Food Catering Brisbane


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