Butter Making and Edible Flowers

Each year our garden teachers do a fun butter making lesson with our students. In kindergarten two weeks ago we spent a little time discussing how butter is made and where it comes from. We then gathered around the big table in our garden and shook up some honey and rosemary butter. With two jars in circulation, students shook the jar 10 times each and they were invited to make up a butter making dance to go along with their shaking. Once our butter was made students, with the help of Winnie our parent volunteer, selected edible flowers from the garden to decorate their bread and butter snack. Prior to making butter we had also talked about the different edible flowers we had available in our garden (borage, pineapple sage, and brassica flowers) and their different shapes. Here are some photos that Ms. Chow, our kindergarten teacher, took during her class.

Shaking Butter

Shaking Butter in a Jar. All photos in this post were taken by Gina Chow.

Checking the ButterButter Making in the GardenSnacking on Homemade Butter and Edible FlowersMs. Fung Adding the Ingredients

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