2nd Grade Carrot Harvest

Carrot Bunch

“I’d rather eat a carrot than a cupcake.” – 2nd Grader

We started our first garden class of the 2013-2014 school year with some carrot tasting and weeding in the garden. Our 2nd graders this year planted carrot seeds as 1st graders this past Spring, and with a big thanks to the families that volunteered to water over the summer, our carrots were ready to be eaten on the first day of class! As a classroom management strategy, weeding containers were pre-labeled with masking tape and student numbers. Students were called by groups of three to come harvest and rinse off their carrots. Their classroom teacher was also available to chop their carrots into bite sized pieces. After they were done tasting their carrot, they headed back to work on their own to continue their garden maintenance work. Here are some photos from Monday’s class!

Rinsing CarrotsPotted Carrots Carrot SamplingDifferent Sized Carrots Carrot Snacks Chopping Carrots Carrot Harvest

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One Response to 2nd Grade Carrot Harvest

  1. sylvia says:

    Good planning/planting….nothing tastes better than home grown veggies, carrots in pots great idea. Keep up the yummy, healthy good work.


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