Stop Litter Assembly @ AFY

AFY Stop Litter Assembly K-3On Friday, October 4th we had a special guest presentation about what is litter, why it is a problem, and what we can do about litter in our school community. Recess and lunch time litter continues to be a problem here at AFY so we reached out to Tamar Hurwitz, the Environmental Education Manager at SF Department of Environment, to come to AFY to give all our K-5 students a wonderful talk about how litter affects wildlife and our city as well as steps we can take to stop litter by reminding our students to be responsible for their garbage and how to sort their refuse in the three different colored bins on campus. If you are a SFUSD school site you can find out more about having the assembly at your school here. A big thank you to Tamar for coming to present and to all the staff that made time in their schedules to bring their classes out.

What Lunch Time Item Goes In What Bin at AFY?

  • Green Compost Bin: Any food scraps, food soiled papers, wax paper, milk cartons, and dirty lunch trays.
  • Blue Recycle Bin: Clean hard plastics, clean paper, clean lunch trays, foil, aluminum cans, and glass.
  • Black Garbage Bin: Dirty black lunch trays, dirty milk straws, flimsy plastic, juice boxes (any carton that requires punching a straw through and that can’t be open with your hands), and any mixed materials.

AFY Stop Litter Assembly Tamar Helping with Bin Sorting

AFY Stop Litter Assembly 4th and 5th GradersAFY Stop Litter Assembly K-3 Tamar Explaing Black Bin

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