Garden Pumpkin Patch Week

Carved Pumpkin Group 4

“I’ve never carved a pumpkin before.” – 5th Grader

Have a Happy Halloween! It has been pumpkins galore in the school garden this past week. Every year our school garden transforms into a pumpkin patch near the end of October thanks to the annual donation by Andronico’s Community Market. This year Andronico’s donated over 150 pumpkins for our patch. Each K-1st grader gets to take theirs home. Kinders are studying them in the indoor classrooms with their teachers. 5th graders practice their estimation and carving skills, and 1st graders will find out if they sink or float when they test it out tomorrow in the garden. Here are some photos from our pumpkin week! A big thank you to Srey, Raelynn, and Jennifer for helping to pick up and unload this year, to Ms. Belinda Wong for baking over 140 delicious cookies for all the K and 1st Graders, and a super-duper big thank you to Chuck at Andronico’s for helping to coordinate this year!

Skeletons in the GardenSpider Web Entrance!Found Our PumpkinsHeavy PumpkinsHold onto Your PumpkinsPumpkin ChoicesMs. Ng's Class is Scary Pumpkin Patch DayPumpkin TableWatch Out for the Spider WebsScooping Out Pumpkin SeedsCarved Pumpkin Group 2Carved Pumpkin Group 1Carved Pumpkin Group 3Carved Pumpkin Group 5Carved Pumpkin Group 6Andronico's Pumpkin Pick UpPumpkin Pick Up CrewWheelbarrow Full of Pumpkins

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2 Responses to Garden Pumpkin Patch Week

  1. Deborah says:

    Those kinders are SO cute! Great photos! A big thank you to Andronico’s for their generosity!


  2. svgreen13 says:

    amazing, Patty! I love the transformation of the garden!


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