Farmers Market Food

Sweets At the Farmers Market

(The second installment of our three part write up by Green Club members.)

“Farmers Market Food” By Amy

The field trip to the farmers market was ridiculously fun, even though it was freezing cold. When we had arrived there, the delicious aroma of corn dogs overwhelmed me. All of the club members ran straight to that stand. While everybody else was fawning over the corn dogs, my partner and I decided to look at other foods. Near the corn dog stand, there was a barbecued chicken stand. If you stood in a certain area, you could smell the smokey barbecued chicken. Besides the freshly made chicken and corn dogs, there was also different types of sweets. One stand sold cupcakes and loaves of pumpkin bread. One of the cupcakes was pumpkin, and others were chocolate or vanilla! Another stand sold cookie sandwiches! They were expensive, but it was worth it! The one I had bought was a chocolate chip cookie sandwich filled with vanilla cream. Both of the treats were really sweet!

Besides all of the pre-made food, there was also fresh vegetables! There was cherry tomatoes, carrots, bok choy, and a lot more! There were also strawberries, pomegranates, and other fruits. They sold nuts and organic honey, too. All of the food was so delicious! It’s a shame we couldn’t buy everything!

SF Environment Booth at the Market

Checking Out the SF Environment Booth

Overwhelmed by the Loaded Fries!

Overwhelmed by the Loaded Fries!

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