Planet Bee Presentation

Planet Bee School Bee HiveDuring the first week of December, our Kindergarteners had a special treat – a wonderful guest presentation from Planet Bee Foundation! Debra and Megan came into the classroom to introduce honeybees to all of our kinders. Megan read them a fun book called “Are You a Be?” by Judy Allen and the two of them led bee activities, such as a smelling game where students had to find their “bee family” by using their noses to match their scented cup with other students. This mimics how bees recognize their own hive mates in real life via pheromones. Students also had the chance to look at some dead bees closely with magnifying lenses to search for different bee parts. A big thank you to Debra and Megan for volunteering their time to teach us all new facts about bees!

In the afternoon, we continued our study of bees out in the garden. We talked about pollen versus nectar and about the important role bees play in helping to spread this “powder,” which makes new plants. Students then pretended to be bees by using their pollinating stick to go around and bring pollen from pretend flowers we set up back to the their hive. This is an engaging lesson we learned from Debra and Megan. You simply need some non-toxic powdered paint, some large fake flowers, an egg carton tray to be your hive, and pollinator sticks made with popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. (We also thank Debra and Megan for lending us all the supplies for the pollination game!) Lastly, as busy bees, our students also had a chance to view the hive from a distance.

Planet Bee School Bee HivePlanet Bee School Bee HivePlanet Bee School Bee HivePlanet Bee School Bee HivePlanet Bee School Bee HivePlanet Bee School Bee HivePlanet Bee School Bee HivePlanet Bee School Bee HivePlanet Bee School Bee Hive

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One Response to Planet Bee Presentation

  1. Deborah says:

    I’m so impressed with the way the garden is incorporated into the school day for the different grade levels. The bee curriculum sounds amazing. Love the photos and the description of the creative way the material is being introduced. Really thrilled that the kindergarteners are learning about these hard working creatures!


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