School Market Recap 2-5-2014

Veggies Selling Out at End of Day

Thank you to all the AFY community members who came out to support our School Garden Farmers’ Market on February 5, 2014. The empty veggie trays in the photos are a sign of a successful turnout. Within about 20 minutes we sold out on: broccoli, bok choy flowers, rainbow chard, cabbage heads, spinach, and carrots. We’ll have to harvest more next time! Produce is picked fresh each morning and bundled by our green club members during lunch. You can keep an eye out for future market days on the Wednesday bulletin. They are announced a week in advance. All proceeds go back to the school garden program for the purchase of materials, plants, and curriculum.

Green Club at the February Market

AFY Garden Seed Package Designs

Handmade Seed Packages with Seeds Saved from the Garden

Rainbow Chard Feb 2014

Baby Rainbow Chard February 2014

Cabbage Feb 2014

Cabbage February 2014

Spinach Feb 2014

Perpetual Spinach February 2014

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One Response to School Market Recap 2-5-2014

  1. sylvia says:

    Awesome, can i reserve some on your next school market day? keep up the good work!


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