National Wildlife Week Activities

Rolling on the Seeds (Photo by Patty Fung)

Our Kindergarteners and 1st graders participated in National Wildlife Week this week during garden time. Kindergarteners brainstormed around the words “wildlife” and “habitat” and were introduced to the 4 basic needs for a good habitat space, which are food, water, shelter, and area to raise their young (a.k.a space). They then went out around the garden in search for one example of each basic need and recorded them via drawings. Since our school garden is actually a certified wildlife habitat, it wasn’t too hard to find examples all around us.

1st graders also discussed what a wildlife habitat is and they focused on one need in particular – food! 1st graders made simple bird feeders to take home or donate to our garden to provide food for local birds. A big thank you to the 1st grade teachers and to Dollie Tam for collecting and donating their paper rolls for the project!

Bird Seed Application (Photo by Patty Fung)

How to Make a Bird Feeder out of a Paper Roll


  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Shortening (this can be less sticky/messy)
  • Plastic Knife
  • String (optional)
  • Tray for Seeds
  • Bird Seeds


  • Write student number or names inside the roll.
  • Give each student a small scoop of shortening on a plastic knife. A small amount can go a long way. This also helps them from applying too much.
  • Spread shortening all around the roll. Remind students to hold their rolls by pinching the edge so that they don’t get too much on their hands.
  • Roll in a tray of bird seeds.
  • Tie a string or put it directly on a branch.

Spreading Shortening on Feeders (Photo by Patty Fung)Bird Feeder (Photo by Patty Fung)Bird Feeder 2 (Photo By Patty Fung)Bird Feeders in the Oak Tree (Photo by Patty Fung)Bird Watching (Photo by Patty Fung)1st Graders Bird Watching After Hanging their Feeders on the Oak Tree.

Bird Feeders to Take Home (Photo by Patty Fung)

Habitat Search (Photo by Patty Fung)Kinders search the garden for four basic habitat needs.

Recording Basic Habitat Needs in the GardenHabitat Search 2 (Photo by Patty Fung)Kindergarten Wildlife Habitat Brainstorm

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