A Buzz About Bees!

5th Grade Bee Presentation (Photo by Patty Fung)

A big thank you to Kranti Malik, a San Francisco State University Student and Planet Bee Foundation Intern, for volunteering her time to introduced our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to honey bees. Kranti gave students a general introduction to bee anatomy, the different jobs of honey bees, as well as factors affecting their survival, such as pesticide use and the zombie bee dilemma. Mr. Williams class has also been studying the zombie bee issue throughout this whole school year. They are currently setting up light traps in the garden to find some specimens. You can learn more about zombie bees in the KQED video below.

After the introduction, Kranti then led us through fun games to mimic bee behavior, such as Waggle Dance Simon Says and finding same hive members through the sense of smell. Students were also selected to model bee keeping suits! By the end of each class, students were left with many more questions than they started with. A big thank you again to Kranti, Megan, Debra, Bill, Ms. Chiu, Mr. Williams, and Ms. Taunton for their support this year in our brand new school bee program and for stirring interests in them!

5th Grade Honey Bee Talk (Photo by Patty Fung)


Room 307 Smelling Game (Photo by Patty Fung)

5th Grade Bee Suite Demo (Photo by Patty Fung) 5th Grade Bee Suite Model (Photo by Patty Fung) 5th Grade Bee Suite Model 2 (Photo by Patty Fung)4th Grade Bee Suite Models (Photo by Patty Fung)

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