Hidden Garden Steps & Turtle Hill


Our 3rd graders have been embarking on a walking field trip throughout the month of April. To continue their study of CA Native Plants and Bay Area Geography/History, we climbed over 400 steps to view San Francisco from the top of the new Hidden Garden Steps on 16th Avenue and Kirkham, the Moraga Tiled Steps, and Grandview Park (aka Turtle Hill) to get a glimpse of the city from above. We compared the landscape between now and a hundred years ago when most of the city was grasslands and sand dunes. Though humans have changed the land around us we also discussed how people are working to restore spaces with native plants to provide habitat to wildlife that once called most of the city its home. In fact, two years ago the 3rd graders participated with the Youth Stewardship Program to remove invasive non-native ice plants from Grandview Park, which it is now planted with lots of Coast Buckwheat to attract the native Green Hairstreak Butterfly. Here are some photos to take you along our journey.


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One Response to Hidden Garden Steps & Turtle Hill

  1. Taryn says:

    What a neat field trip! So interesting, patty!


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