Spring 2014 Green Club Activities

Green Club Botanical Garden 3 Spring 2014 Photo By Patty Fung

Our middle school green club has been doing all sorts of things this semester. We started off 2014 with our 2nd school garden farmers market. During the middle of the semester club members went on a walking field trip to the botanical gardens to check out the magnolias in bloom and enjoyed a snack together on our way back to school at Arizmendi’s. In terms of the “garden kitchen” students made chard pesto, developed their own lemonade recipe topped off with flowers, blended a kale smoothie, and baked garlic bread using herbs from the garden. In April we took a hike up the Hidden Garden Mosaic Steps/Moraga Tiled Steps/Grandview Park and had a picnic despite the extreme winds that afternoon. At the beginning of May we went on our 2nd Farmers Market Field Trip of the year and spent time sampling and exploring the different stands. It has been a fantastic year working with the club and seeing the students and program grow! Congratulations to the members who are graduating this year and best wishes to those who will be joining the club next year. – Ms. Fung

Chard Pesto Making

Chard Pesto Photo By Patty Fung

Botanical Garden Field TripGreen Club Botanical Garden 5 Spring 2014 Photo By Patty FungGreen Club Botanical Garden 4 Spring 2014 Photo By Patty FungGreen Club Botanical Garden 2 Spring 2014 Photo By Patty FungGreen Club Botanical Garden Spring 2014 Photo By Patty FungGreen Club Botanical Garden 6 Spring 2014 Photo By Patty Fung

Garlic Bread CookingGreen Club Garlic Bread Photo By Patty FungGreen Club Garlic Bread 3 Photo By Patty FungGreen Club Garlic Bread 2 Photo By Patty FungFloral Lemonade & Stamping ActivityBorage and Jasmine Lemonade Photo By Patty FungVegetable Stamping Photo by Patty FungStamping Photo By Patty FungWaller and Stanyan Spring Farmers Market Field Trip
MayFarmersMarketFieldTripPhotobyPatty FungFarmers Market Field Trip Photo By Patty FungHidden Garden Staircases & Grandview Park Field Trip

Grandview Park 2014 Photo by Patty Fung Kirkham Steps Green Club Photo By Patty Fung

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2 Responses to Spring 2014 Green Club Activities

  1. Deborah says:


    You have brought so much to the Garden program in the past 3 years with your bright spirit, energy and optimism – the garden has never looked more vibrant and alive, the Garden curriculum is outstanding, founding the Garden Club to engage middle schoolers who have “graduated” from the elementary Garden program, and the Garden blog with your engaging recaps and photos. Not to mention your after school skateboarding workshops! Sincere thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the students and the AFY community at large. My best wishes to you as you embark on your next adventure. I hope you’ll visit us from time to time.

    Warm regards,
    Deborah (aka, Miles and Hannah Cosselmon’s mom)


    • afygarden says:

      Thank you so much as well for all your work behind the scenes to help promote our garden program and school programming. I have been very lucky to incorporate all of my passions into this program at AFY as well as to work alongside such a dedicated community. I’m sure to stay in touch and I hope likewise with your family and students! I would love updates as well. – Patty aka Ms. Fung


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