Annual Spring Garden Party 2014


It was great to see many students, families, incoming kindergartners, alumni, and staff out at the annual Spring Garden Party this month. It seemed like the largest turnout we’ve had in the past three years that I have been managing the program. Families brought potluck items to share (including garden inspired cupcakes by the Yen family), Kel and Wayne were grilling away, parents were helping to run the craft stations, which included bird feeder making, postcard stamping, face painting, and newspaper pot making & planting. A big thank you as well to the surprise farewell speeches and delicious cake. The party was a wonderful example of the community effort that it takes to create events like this and a garden program at AFY that has been running strong for over 15 years. Thank you for all your support, dedication, and hard work. Cheers to the upcoming summer break and to the continual growth of the garden programing in the upcoming years!

Much Gratitude and Best Wishes to All,
Ms. Fung

Additional thanks to those that worked behind the scenes to make this event possible: Jennifer L. and Jade M. our garden committee co-chairs for helping to coordinate the event, to Theo C. for doing a wonderful landscaping job in the garden and bringing in the new flowers to our spaces, to all the parent volunteers who were helping out with set-up, clean-up, and activity stations, to alumni parent Ken P. for lending us his great hot dog machine, to Mr. Philip who continually works behind the scenes and goes above and beyond, and to all the parents and family members who have helped throughout the years during garden class time and outside of garden to help our students and who act as stewards to our green schoolyard spaces.AFYGardenParty2014(15)PhotobyPattyFung

AFYGardenParty2014(8)PhotobyPattyFungAFYGardenParty2014(10)PhotobyPattyFungAFYGardenParty2014(2)PhotobyPattyFungAFYGardenParty2014(6)PhotobyPattyFungAFYGardenParty2014(5)PhotobyPattyFung AFYGardenParty2014(4)PhotobyPattyFung AFYGardenParty2014(3)PhotobyPattyFungAFYGardenParty2014(9)PhotobyPattyFungAFYGardenParty2014(1)PhotobyPattyFungAFYGardenParty2014(12)PhotobyPattyFung AFYGardenParty2014(11)PhotobyPattyFungAFYGardenParty2014(13)PhotobyPattyFungGroup Shot Garden Party 2014(Blurry but a goodie! Some of many of our main garden volunteers and Ms. Szeto!)

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One Response to Annual Spring Garden Party 2014

  1. sylvia says:

    Awesome Party, I had a great time !!!


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