Happy Food Day!

Happy National Food Day!  People from all across the country are coming together to celebrate real food and advocate for improved food policies.  To join in the celebration, our second grade students made brassica fried rice!


 All of the “quick-cooking” vegetables came straight from our garden!  The tatsoi was planted by the second graders mere weeks ago- look how it’s grown!

photo 4_2


In addition to the quick-cooking brassicas, we added orange cauliflower, broccolini and turnips.


Due to a bit of unexpected morning rain, we had to move our cooking lesson indoors.  Everyone still had a great time cooking though!

Each group of students received a special job card and followed the instructions to help make the dish.


They prepared and cooked the brassicas…

photo 4


Scrambled the eggs…

photo 2

And added the rice and sauce!


Meanwhile, everyone wrote about their favorite food memory in their own Food Day 2014 Booklet– complete with a recipe to take home.


The final dish was delicious!


photo 4_3

It was a wonderful Food Day celebration!  AFY students eat real!


Look for many of the brassicas used in this recipe at the next AFY Green Club farmers market. Coming soon!

Photos by: Ms. Lam and Ms. Owyang

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