“It feels like a banana!”

For the past several weeks, our kindergarten and 1st grade students have been learning all about worms!

Kindergarten students began by going on a creature hunt in the garden.



They found plenty of slugs, snails and pill bugs!

_DSC0656 _DSC0670

Next, they met some of the red wigglers from our worm bin.



They touched the worms and practiced using descriptive words to describe how they felt.



Most students agreed that the worms felt slimy, and one student declared, “It feels like a banana!”


The students also observed how the worms responded when touched.  We recorded the observations as a class, and found that most of the worms got longer when the students touched them.


The students also learned that worms breathe through their skin, and conducted an experiment to see what happens when a worm is placed in water.

They practiced their scientific drawings and described what they observed in a sentence.


_DSC0061 _DSC0063

Finally, we discussed what worms eat, and how they digest their food.  The students learned about worm gizzards…


Then rubbed pretzels on sandpaper to illustrate how the rough material in worm gizzards helps digest food- a great lesson idea from Ms. Taryn Colonnaise at Spring Valley Science School!



Next, they looked at what is produced after the worms process their food– worm castings!


We discussed how these castings are beneficial to the plants in our garden, and everyone added a small spoonful to the soil around the peas that they planted earlier in the year.  Look how much they’ve grown!


There are many great worm books available for elementary school students.  “Wiggling Worms at Work” is one that’s available at our school library, and is worth checking out!


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