Kale Chips, Kale Smoothies, or Kale Salad?

Last year our Education Outside Corps Member, Ms. Fung, led our 4th grade students in a kale planting experiment.  This year’s 4th graders just finished conducting a similar experiment, addressing one of three questions:


_DSC1014 _DSC1016

Every student formed a hypothesis and made predictions…


Then the class planted kale seedlings in the different conditions.


A few weeks later, each group collected data to test their hypotheses.

_DSC0777 _DSC0779 _DSC0781

Finally, they graphed their data, formed conclusions, and brainstormed ideas for future experiments.



In addition to conducting their kale planting experiment this semester, students also cooked and tasted three different kale recipes:





_DSC1007 _DSC1019 _DSC1032

And finally, kale salad (prepared inside due to the rain)!


The class was split into three groups.  Each group received a bowl with ingredients and a copy of the recipe.  Their mission was to read the recipe, delegate tasks to each student, and prepare the salad within the allotted class time.


They began working quickly, with some students preparing the kale, others making the dressing, and others cutting fruit and gathering salad toppings.

The groups did a great job working together, and all made delicious salads!


One of the 4th grade English Language Arts Common Core Writing Standards is to write opinion pieces supporting a point of view with reasons and information.  To prepare for this type of assignment, we took a poll to determine which recipe was most popular, then brainstormed different factors that might make one recipe more favorable than another.  The students discussed:

  • Nutritional Content
  • Recipe Difficulty Level
  • Cost
  • Ingredient Accessibility
  • Taste

All great considerations!  The most popular recipe among AFY 4th graders was kale smoothies.  Which do you like best?

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