What’s Cooking in the Outdoor Classroom?

It’s hard to believe winter break is already here!  Our garden has been very fruitful this fall, producing some incredible produce!





In our last weeks before winter break, we celebrated our bountiful harvest by cooking.

Kindergarten, 1st and 3rd grade students made swiss chard and sorrel pesto.


They harvested and prepared the greens…



Then used mortars and pestles to grind them with sunflower seeds, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and parmesan cheese!

_DSC0260 _DSC0318

Despite initial hesitations, all but a few of our students loved the pesto.  There were many requests for seconds and thirds!


2nd graders made kale smoothies just like our 4th graders did earlier this year.  They also illustrated recipes to take home.


(One of our students is a future advertiser– “Only six easy steps!”)


4th grade students made their third kale recipe– kale salad.

And 5th grade students made brassica fried rice- the same dish that 2nd grade students made in honor of Food Day.


_DSC0100 _DSC0104 _DSC0110 _DSC0118 _DSC0134 _DSC0135

While the 5th graders were waiting for their turn at the cooking station, they looked at examples of recipe illustrations…

And then drew their own!


_DSC0151 _DSC0153 _DSC0148

Green Club has also done a lot of cooking this semester.  Earlier in the year they made a plant parts salad, using:

  • Carrots and radishes (roots!)
  • Celery (stems!)
  • Lettuce (leaves!)
  • Nasturtiums (flowers!)
  • Persimmons (fruit!)
  • Pumpkin seeds (seeds!)

IMG_1270 IMG_1274 IMG_1278

 This week, they used what they learned earlier in the semester to compete in a cook-off!

First, each team received a recipe guide.


Then they discussed their strategy with their teammates and began harvesting (in the rain!)

_DSC0365 _DSC0367

They had 35 minutes to prepare their salads.

_DSC0373 _DSC0385

While they were cooking, they earned points for cleanliness, safety, cooperation and harvesting technique.

_DSC0393 - Version 3

Their end results were beautiful!

_DSC0388 _DSC0389

Finally, they presented their dishes to Ms. Duncan, who awarded points for taste and presentation.


It was a close race– team 1 won, but only by two points!

_DSC0393 - Version 2

Both teams did a fantastic job!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season!  See you in 2015!

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  1. Yum!! So many veggies to go around and delicious cooking lessons. Great work Kristin!

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