Waking Up Our 5 Senses

Happy new year, and welcome back to school!

We spent our first week in the outdoor classroom waking up our five senses.


Second and third grade students began class with an eye exam.  (We needed to make sure everyone was awake and ready to make observations after having a full two weeks away from school!)  What does the sign say?  Did you pass the eye exam?


Next, they participated in a mystery cup challenge.  They used each of their five senses to determine which cup contained salt and which contained sugar.  It was hard to tell the difference until the very end, when they got to taste a pinch from each cup (at which time much squealing ensued!)


After awakening their senses, each student picked a special garden sit spot and recorded observations.




Third graders even earned a special treat at the end of class.  Three beautiful heads of cauliflower were ready to be harvested, so we all got to taste some!

_DSC0404 _DSC0408

The response to the question, “who liked the cauliflower?” was an enthusiastic, “I did!”  (Followed by, “are there seconds?”)


Kindergarteners also got to use their sense of taste in the garden.  The sugar snap peas that they planted in the fall were ready to harvest!


_DSC0464 _DSC0483 _DSC0493

First graders also did a five senses activity.  We began with this fun five senses song:

(To the tune of  “Where is Thumbkin”)  

Five senses, five senses

We have them. We have them.

Seeing, hearing, touching

Tasting and smelling

We have five.  We have five.

The students then used their five senses during an alphabet hike!



Now that our five senses are awake we’re ready to tackle more science in the outdoor classroom.  Stay tuned to find out what’s next!

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