“It’s an acro-snail!”

1st graders have been learning all about the things that animals need to make homes in different habitats.


They loved learning about worms earlier in the year, and were excited to search for other animals that make homes in our garden habitat!


(Thank you to Ad Walker, fellow Corps Member at Peabody Elementary for the wonderful worksheet!)

Next, they got up close and personal with our beloved garden snails.  We read a great book, “Are You a Snail?” by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries…


 And then built a special habitat suited to meet all of a snail’s survival needs.


Some of the ever-curious students wanted to know if the snails could balance on sticks, so they put on their scientist caps to find out.  They were very excited to discover the answer and exclaimed, “they’re acro-snails!”



Next, we learned about birds. The students put on their imaginary bird wings and made a shelter for baby bird (Ms. Owyang!) They also gathered food for baby bird and brought it back to the nest!


After playing our game with imaginary birds we made binoculars…


and observed real birds in our garden!

_DSC0557 _DSC0574

Even though our binoculars did not have any magnifying lenses, they helped the students spot many birds in the trees!


Finally, we made bird feeders!


They coated their toilet paper rolls in Crisco…


Then covered them in bird seed…


And reached high to hang them in our trees!

_DSC0677 _DSC0695

(For detailed instructions on how to make these bird feeders see our original post here.)

To conclude our animal habitats unit we read, “What’s Your Favorite Animal?” by Eric Carle and Friends.


We all loved the animals in the book, and were inspired by the make-believe animal on the cover to create our own nature art animals (along with the food and shelter they needed to survive!)

IMG_1773IMG_1731 IMG_1736 IMG_1776 IMG_1777

It was a fun unit for everyone!


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One Response to “It’s an acro-snail!”

  1. Awesome unit and activities! The log benches are such a great addition.

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