Bees + Flowers + Pollination = Honey!

We were fortunate to work with the Planet Bee Foundation again this year!

IMG_7340_MG_6591 copy     Their team taught several wonderful pollination lessons to our kindergarten, first, third and fifth graders. Kindergarten and first graders enjoyed observing a frame from our school’s bee hive…


_MG_6599 copy_DSC0829

And had fun identifying the different parts of dead bees.



Then they learned the basics of pollination through a fun game.

_MG_6580 copy

Each student received a pipe cleaner bee, and searched the garden for flowers to pollinate.


After finding a flower their bees were covered in pollen…

_MG_6611 copy_DSC0855

Then they returned to their “bee hive” (egg carton) to deposit the pollen into cells.

IMG_1182 _MG_6600 copy

Second graders played a different pollination game from the wonderful “Garden at School” blog.  Ms. Lam and I wore flower signs around our necks with bags of “pollen” (orange or purple cotton balls) attached.  The student “bees” visited one flower for a sip of nectar (apple juice), then took some pollen  with them as they left.  Then they visited the other flower, where their pollen “rubbed off,” successfully pollinating both flowers!


After acting out pollination through this game, the students recorded what they learned in a comic strip!


Third and fifth graders also looked at the observation hive and learned more about the honey bee life cycle…


While our middle school Green Club students extracted honey from the frames!  They scraped off the wax…

_MG_7261 (1)_MG_7245

Then strained the honey over the weekend…


And finally, we put the honey in jars!  We had enough honey for every student to take one home (and then some!)  It was delicious!


Big thank you to Planet Bee for all that they did for our school this year! If your school is interested in having a Planet Bee workshop or hosting a hive, apply here!

_MG_6637 copy

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  1. Sarah Beth says:

    Wow, there is so much curiosity, exploration and investigation going on in the outdoor classrooms. It’s great to see!

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