Garden Party 2015

We had a wonderful time at our year-end garden celebration last Saturday! What a great turn-out!

We made tree-round necklaces…

_DSC0299 _DSC0288

Painted insect masks with natural dyes…


Made seed balls and butter…


Got our faces painted…

_DSC0320_DSC0247 _DSC0307 _DSC0296_DSC0213 _DSC0292_DSC0245 _DSC0291 _DSC0286_DSC0257

And ate lots of great food!

_DSC0281 _DSC0268     _DSC0255 _DSC0238 _DSC0236 _DSC0232 _DSC0231_DSC0316

HUGE thank you to all of our parent and staff volunteers, without whom this event would not have been possible: Ken Chiang, Sharon Chow, Jackie Fung, Anni Griswold, Severa Keith, Stella Kong, Deborah Kwan, Daniel Leong, Theresa Leung, Angela Lew, Laura Ling, Michael Logue, Jennifer Louie, Pauline Ly, Charlotte Moore, Ken Pang, Marybeth Pudup, Pam Schute, Lucia Su, Lisa Wan, Wayne Yen, and Kristine Yu.  Thanks also to all of our wonderful student volunteers, and to Arizmendi for the generous donation of bread!

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One Response to Garden Party 2015

  1. Deborah says:

    Love the intricate face painting designs! What a fun party. Thank YOU for documenting this and giving us a glimpse of the great learning that’s happening in the Garden. Hats off to you for all your work with the kids and the AFY community!

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