Green Living Project @ AFY [Audio]

The 1st grade classes received a special treat on February 23rd. We had a guest presentation during garden time given by Jason Esler from the Green Living Project. He is traveling in his sustainable RV and giving talks to students about the stories they’ve gathered from environmental programs in schools all over the world. Jason talked with the 1st graders about topics ranging from the rain forests, solar water heating, and deforestation. When asked about what deforestation meant a student surprised the teachers by responding, “clear cutting.” We were all very impressed by the awareness that our students at AFY have about the environment. After the presentation we all went out to Jason’s van on 12th Avenue and learned about all the sustainable features, such as the composting toilet, recycled denim insulation, convection oven, bio-disel power, solar panels, and non-VOC paints inside. We thank Jason for all his hard work and the work that he is doing. (Produced by Patty Fung)

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